Here below is Petra Valman’s biography.

Petra Valman is a Swedish dramatic coloratura soprano. She was born and raised in Sidensjö outside Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden.


She started her musical career as a cellist during childhood at municipal music school. Later she continued her cello studies during high school at Kapellsberg Folkhögskola and did vocal studies at Mellansel Folkhögskola.


Petra Valman did a degree in Speech- and language therapy at Lund University 2006. This for the purpose of her great voice interest.

At the same time Petra Valman sang in Malmö chamber choir for Dan-Olof Stenlund. Moreover she did private singing studies for Britta Johansson at Malmö Musikhögskola.

After the Speech- and language Therapist exam Petra Valman continued singing studies. She did full-time classical singing training as well as opera studies at Vadstena Folkhögskola 2007-2009.

Later she moved to Knivsta. In 2010, Petra Valman studied at Kulturama Opera Studio’s Further training. On top of that Petra Valman was included in the artistic project Operalabb Elitgrupp 2013.

Certainly Petras eager to learn more about voice and singing continued. For example became Petra Valman 2018 certified within the method Anti-Aging for the voice. Furthermore became Petra a practitioner within ONE VOICE 2020.


Petra Valman participated in a masterclasses. Firstly for Torsten Föllinger 2005 and secondly for Ingrid Tobiasson 2012. In addition she has studied singing privately for teachers as

  • Dorothy Irving,
  • Mattias Danielsson,
  • Bo Rosenkull,
  • Ingrid Tobiasson,
  • Hillevi Martinpelto and
  • David Jones.

David Jones is still her vocal coach.

Furthermore during 2019 attended Petra Valman to a Method Acting course at Kulturama in Stockholm.

Opera roles

Petra Valman performed the opera roles

  • Belinda (Dido and Aeneas),
  • Violetta (La Traviata/Verdi),
  • Ingeborg (Den Bergtagna/Hallström),
  • Karin (Liten Karin/Hallström),
  • Poppea (L’incoronazione di Poppea/Monteverdi),
  • Gretchen (Hänsel und Gretchen/Humperdinck)
  • The Queen of the NIght (The Magic Flute/Mozart)

at different stages. Between 2010-2018 Petra Valman worked as a coloratura soprano, creative partner and artistic leader in opera performing art productions.


In 2018, Petra Valman became a part of Operagruppen, which is an opera production team. Petra Valman is project manager and coloratura soprano within that group.